Aatsinki Film Poster

Jessica Oreck's otherworldly documentary on Lappish reindeer herders, Aatsinki, is coming to theaters! It opens here in NYC at IFC on January 24, and plays through the 30th. I'm very proud to have lent a helping hand to the design of the film's poster. I spent some time in Lapland with Jessica and the Aatsinkis back in 2012, and the landscape, wildlife and hospitality of that trip I will not soon forget. Jessica's film does a beautiful job capturing the natural beauty and the day to day of a wild reindeer herder; full of quiet contemplation, punctuated by moments of fierce and sudden activity. Take it from someone who has: it's best viewed again and again.

Gibbon Song

I wrote about the Gibbon Experience here about a year ago, but I've done a more detailed write up at Atlas Obscura for Animal Week (I also redesigned the AO logo with a cat for animal week, which we here in the office are fondly refering to as Catlas Obscura), and finally uploaded the Gibbon Song to the internets. This beautiful sound filled each morning in the Laotian jungle.

Olympic National Park

Last month Dylan and I spent a glorious four days camping in Olympic National Park. We saw it all - driftwood beaches, rainforests, crystal blue lakes, Victorian lodges, natural hot springs, a handful of the world's largest trees, mountain tops, and wildlife. The campsites were some of the most beautiful I've ever stayed at. It was heaven and I can't wait to go back one day.

LCARS Unused Reel Opener

I created this reel opener about 6 months ago to start my current reel, but decided not to use it, as it doesn't really match my style. However, I decided to share it here, in case you were unclear as to the depths of my obsession with Star Trek, The Next Generation. It is inspired by LCARS (which stands for Library Computer Access/Retrieval System), the computer operating system displays in Star Trek, which, to me, are beautiful.

End of Summer Excursions

This has been a banner year for travel. Since last September, I've visited Finland, Iceland, London, Montreal, Vermont, Woodstock NY, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Greenfield MA, Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Appalachian Trail, New Hampshire, Maine...and this last month alone, the Catskills, the Delaware Water Gap, and Olympic National Park in Washington (more on that soon). Wow. I just got around to organizing my photos from my weekend in the Catskills, and after that, a weekend canoeing the Delaware Water Gap. Please allow me to share them with you! Natures!

First up, the Catskills, where our friend rented a house for her birthday weekend. We made new friends, played pool, swam in a swimming hole, and soaked in a hot tub on the deck while watching a thunderstorm roll in.

We stayed in this amazing A-frame, which glowed like an orange triangle in the night.

We took walks boldy, right in the middle of sleepy country roads.

We found a swing near a creek, which we called a crick.

We discovered a waterfall, and were surrounded by loud thunderclaps, but no rain.

We drove to a swimming hole, with water so blue, and so so cold.

Pretty picturesque, like a scene out of a movie.

Mist in the trees made the woods look like a painting.

Sunset after a storm.

The following weekend we rented a car with two of our friends and headed out to Pennsylvania to canoe and camp along the Delaware River Gap.


We canoed off the main river to pull over for lunch. It was too shallow to canoe here so there was a lot of wading and canoe-pulling.

 You are free to pull over anywhere you like along the river for a swim or a hot rock sunbathe. We did both here.

Campsites dot the riverside. You see one you like, you simply canoe on over and claim it for the night. Look at this spot we got! The cicadas at night were deafening.

I mean, look at it!

We made ourselves right at home.

After much chopping and sawing of dead wood, we started on our elaborate dinner. This is me chopping lettuce.

And this is Katie, warming torillas for our tacos, hours later. They were worth the wait.

A firelight family portrait: Katie, Justin, and Dylan.

I have a feeling this is the beginning of a new summer tradition.