Lock Picking Party

Last weekend, Atlas Obscura hosted a Lock Picking Party at the amazingly beautiful General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen in Manhattan. It was one of our biggest parties yet, and dare I say, one of our best. 

Guests were greeted with their own personal take-home lock picking kits, and over the course of the night, were promptly boozed up, taught how to pick locks, and sent back out into the world tipsy, and with their new scandalous skills.

I was tasked with the job of creating all of the print materials for the party - instructions for how to pick locks, descriptions of the new tools, cocktail menus, informative cards, and yes, I did hand stamp 300 bags all by myself. I may have mentioned this before, but any chance I have to get away from the computer and perform some repetitive task, I take. I love the zen-like state it puts me in.

This was probably one of the most fun things I've gotten to design for Atlas Obscura, and, bonus, when I was done, I knew how to pick locks!

Aatsinki Film Poster

Jessica Oreck's otherworldly documentary on Lappish reindeer herders, Aatsinki, is coming to theaters! It opens here in NYC at IFC on January 24, and plays through the 30th. I'm very proud to have lent a helping hand to the design of the film's poster. I spent some time in Lapland with Jessica and the Aatsinkis back in 2012, and the landscape, wildlife and hospitality of that trip I will not soon forget. Jessica's film does a beautiful job capturing the natural beauty and the day to day of a wild reindeer herder; full of quiet contemplation, punctuated by moments of fierce and sudden activity. Take it from someone who has: it's best viewed again and again.

200th Curious Fact

I've been creating a daily "Curious Fact" infographic over at Atlas Obscura for months now, and today marks the 200th fact! I can't believe I've made 200 of these. To celebrate this nice round number of facts, we launched a new page where you can see the whole collection in one go. Take a look at my 200 (and counting) little labors of love! (You can now share the fact of the day, which is located near the footer of Atlas Obscura.) And here is a short article about what goes into making them.

213_200 Facts


And yes, I did design myself into the 200th Curious Fact. I realize how self-indulgent that seems, but I'm always so willing to pose for me!


My sister asked me to design a tattoo for her of our beloved cat, Rudy, who is now drunkenly rolling around in that big pile of catnip in the sky, RIP Roo. I might not have a future career in tattoo design, but I had a ball drawing him anyway. He was a good cat.


Curious Facts

I've spent the past few months working on design for the new Atlas Obscura site, to be launched in early December. Though the site is going to be beautiful, a lot of the work I've been plugging away at is fairly uexciting, and not really worth sharing here. However, there is one portion that I am very proud of: Curious Facts. A new infographic about one of the Atlas's curious places will appear on the new site every day. Below is a sneak peak at a few of my favorites.

The Synergy Machine

I'm very excited to finally be able to post The Outstanding Mind-Bending Basketball Synergy Machine, a short film for ESPN (shown before all ESPN supported films at the Tribeca Film Festival this year). I created the graphics, tracked to some great stop-motion, over a hectic seven days earlier this year. I am so happy with how it came out. (My graphics begin at about 1:22 in the video below).

The Outstanding Mind-Bending Basketball Synergy Machine from Resonance Interactive on Vimeo.