Where Have I Been?

Have you been desperately wondering what happened to that graphics wizard, ME? Well...on Christmas Day, 2014, this happened:

To be fair, when he popped out, he was a lot smaller and more wrinkly. We called him a Christmas Monster. He has since rounded out nicely. He's the best thing in the world. His name is Phineas, just like this lovely specimen!

Since this little magical elfling has entered the scene, a few graphics related things have transpired. First, episode one of Arthropoda has finally been released to the public as part of the soft launch of the new children's online network 75 East Broadway. This episode is about Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and I totally touched them a lot and came to love them. My favorite was named Stumpy - he's the one who struggles on his back later in the episode.

Also new in things I'm doing is the video series 100 Wonders with Atlas Obscura, in which Dylan (my husband and founder of Atlas Obscura) introduces the world to his favorite wonders of the world - and yes, we do actually plan to try and make 100 of these. I've been helping with the editing and doing graphics, it's pretty much a dream project.

Though it oddly didn't get as many views as other videos, this is one of my favorites. It's about a mummified head that Dylan and I have loved for years! And amazingly, the day after we published this, the head came out for its annual cleaning, and the head's curator watched our video with the head in the background! Proof: 

That's all my big news for now. Hoping to put up a new reel soon, showing some new work I did for the book trailer world that was never released to the public :( Such is the life of the motion graphics freelancer.