Arizona Road Trip

After driving 6 hours from Las Vegas, the first order of business was sausages.

IMG_0836We spent the next two days hiking the canyon and trying not to freeze in our tent at night.

IMG_0741There was oohing and aahing.


IMG_0778Mules are for lazy people.



IMG_0826Dylan enjoys a campfire grilled cheese.

IMG_0846On the long drive back, we were up for anything to get us off the road for a minute, and Bedrock City, a roadside attraction seemingly unchanged since the 1970s offered an exciting respite.

IMG_0862We were the only two people in Bedrock City, which is made up of about 20 Flinstone's buildings against a lonely desert backdrop. Everything in Bedrock City is charmingly handmade, sometimes with frightening results (see next photo)

IMG_0866I mean, what is happening here?

IMG_0953Back on the road. We saw a train! How quaint!

IMG_0985Historic Route 66

IMG_0975We had burgers and shakes at the famous Snow Cap Drive-In.

IMG_0960Snow Cap is longer a drive-in, but it does have this neat business card/flyer filled order area.

IMG_0998I like signs.

IMG_1070The last stop of the day was the Hoover Dam, as you can see by the adorable signage on the old visitor's center.

IMG_1083These remind me of the towers in OZ when the Wicked Witch of the West is chasing the gang around. I love them, they somehow manage to evoke the art deco past and a dystopian future at the same time.

IMG_1067Apparently the Hoover Dam Bypass here was only put into use three years ago, but I felt like it could have been part of the original design. It's incredibly elegant in person. It's hard to get an idea of scale from this photo, but this bridge was just enormous. It nearly dwarfed the dam itself.

IMG_1050There it is, the old H.D., that marvel of engineering! To be honest, by the time we got here, I was so exhausted from driving that I enjoyed the dam in stupified silence, followed by a little bit of whining. Until we stepped into the historic visitor's center, into the air conditioning, and my favorite part of the Hoover Dam experience.

IMG_1086Yes, it's a huge diorama of all of the areas that the Hoover Dam benefits! Before the fancy museum and the goofy film that is part of today's Hoover Dam visitor experience, folks shuffled into this small room, sat down, and listened to a recording about the Hoover Dam, while the diorama lights up the different areas of the scale model as they are mentioned. The recording is hilariously dry, and there is an especially giggly part in which all of the dams in the area are described in detail. It is like the South-West Dam version of the Bible's begats ("And Hoover Dam begat Laguna Dam: and Laguna Dam begat Glen Canyon Dam: and Glen Canyon Dam begat Alamaden Dam..."

IMG_1093The little signs! The little details! I wish I could eat it.

IMG_1092I love this little crops. This was the last thing we saw before we drove back to Vegas, I had a little heat exhaustion melt-down, and after plenty of time in the pool, we went on to explore Vegas. Which will be covered in the next post! Soon!