Montreal Retrospective

Last month Dylan and I took an impromptu trip to Montreal, thanks to a special promotion on train tickets. The 11 hour train ride hugs the banks of Lake Champlain for much of the journey, which was very beautiful and very relaxing. I thought the train ride might end up being my favorite part of the trip, but just walking around Montreal took the cake. (A close second was warm poutine on a cold night.) Anyway, here are some things we saw.

 I think of these as Harry Potter houses, maybe because of the Gryffindor red and yellow.

The Buckminster Fuller designed Biosphere, a relic from the 67 Expo.

We managed to get a tour at McGill University's appointment only McPherson Physics Collection. Sciences!

Me and a giant robot.

The achingly beautiful Notre Dam Basilica.

Abandoned factory along Canal Lachine.

Ship votive at the Notre Dame de Bon Secours Chapel, aka The Sailors' Church, where sailors stopped in for one last prayer before long and dangerous sea voyages.

The Riviere du Nord, and some little people doing something at its edge

The lovely Redpath Museum at McGill University, two levels packed with natural history specimens and ethnography artifacts.

I want him.


 Triceratops head on a cabinet.

Olympic building from the 1976 Montreal Olympics French Pavilion, now Le Casino de Montreal