24 Hours in Iceland

It's been five months since my trip to Finland, but today's grey and rainy Brooklyn reminded me of our grey and rainy 24 hour layover in Iceland. I hadn't even looked at the photos since we returned. So here they are. 5 months late. As is my way.

 First stop, straight off the plane, was the blue lagoon. This is the part that people can't swim in, thus, the prettiest.

We kept jumping out of the car the whole way there, as we passed beautiful alien landscapes. Here we have Dylan proudly perched on some mossy volcanic rock.

This is the store where I bought my hat. It was the most expensive hat I've ever owned. It took all day of hemming and hawing before I went back to buy it. I knew that buying an expensive furry earflap hat was the first stop on the way to losing it somewhere and being devestated. I lost it one month later on an Amtrak train. But anyway, look, a reindeer!

Hey, what is that extremely out of place futurist building?

Oh, just Hallgrímskirkja, a crazy dystopian concrete cathedral.

 The inside reminds me of Oz. (As in The Wizard of, not the HBO prison show)

Reykjavik is so cute.

Our hostel was a lot hipper than we were.

24 hours! Not nearly enough, Iceland. Not nearly enough.