Wisconsin Winter Walks

Every year, Dylan and I spend 4 days around Christmas at a lodge in Wisconsin with his family. It is a festive event, annually including fireworks, games with the cousins, nightly nacho cheese and chips time, unlimited beers, and long winter walks.

This was a banner year for winter walks. Look at that snow! Drink in the majesty!

From inside the lodge.

We brought one cup of coffee, and then fought over it.

There seems to be a foot bridge up ahead.

There it is, as promised!

I'm on it! It made many alarming creaks and cracks as we crossed it.

Dylan's snowy feet balancing precariously.

Taking in the view.

This happened on a different day, but I had to include a photo of our chestnuts - roasted over an open fire! We burned most of them, but for those willing to search, a few were truly delicious. How to do so here.