Minnesota State Fair Sampler

Up on offer today is a cross-section of the many delights to be had at the Minnesota State Fair. Please to enjoy.

So many roosters in the Poultry building

The state fair is not complete without a glimpse of the year's largest fruits and vegetables.

Sheep and his owner poised for judging

Cheese on a stick! (I'm extremely disappointed to say that it is not as good as it sounds)

A seed art winner! Made entirely of seeds from Minnesota. It's a dragon, and since I play dungeons and dragons, I support the awarding of first place. Dale Hoglin, you are a badass.

I love the fair-grounds' art deco buildings.

And here is a cow.


More antique tractors than you can shake a stick at.

I agree that this is second-place corn...at best.

A sheep in a ghost costume.

Lumberjack demonstration!

Oh, Custard's Last Stand. I see what you did there.

A fat little bun.

The vintage seed bag collection is a real highlight. As Coyote Seeds would say, Tops in Quality.

I LOVE these beautiful old horse stables. I want to live in one.