Minnesota Summer

My husband and I just returned from 10 days in Minnesota, visiting his family. Here are a few highlights from Longville, MN and Minneapolis...lots and lots and lots of Minnesota State Fair photos to follow soon.

Little Boy Lake in Longville, and the dock that played host to many a game of King of the Hill amongst the cousins.

Dylan and I took this canoe out, saw a ton of bald eagles, paddled through tall, thick swathes of reeds, and got lost on the way back to the cabin. We forgot the camera during the trip, so sorry - no blurry pictures of faraway eagles.

Dylan takes a 3D picture on our other 3D camera - yep, we have two. We found this one at a yard sale in Maine. More GIFs coming up as soon as we get the film developed.

Kayaks at lake's edge.

Dylan's grandpa admires the sunset.

Grain Belt Beer sign on the Mississip.

Gold Metal Flour sign

The Mill City Museum houses the ruins the old Gold Metal Flour factory.

Iron bridge, built in 1887, connecting Nicolette Island to Northeast Minneapolis.

Minneapolis has the best system of bike trails I've ever seen. I wish we had 1/10th of what they have here in Brooklyn.