Effingham, NH; Part one

Dylan and I spent this past weekend at Ann's house in New Hampshire, Ann being Dylan's second cousin, and her house being the location of our wedding last summer. It was so wonderful to go back there, I don't think there is a more peaceful place on the planet.

Violets everywhere!

The stately front door

I got real close to a butterfly.

A displaced gravestone in the small family cemetery on Ann's property.

Dylan learns to chainsaw! What a guy.

I'm hauling away sticks on the tractor, in a funny hat.

What could be more charming than a basket of flowers?

I'm making little bouquets to put around the house. Bunches of these lilacs came home with us, on a 5 hour car ride, a train ride, and two subways.

Dusk and a little mountain.

Dusk engulfs the barn and outhouse.