Nimslo 3D Camera

Dylan in the Swiss Alps (2007)

Last week I finally gathered up the random rolls of film in our used film drawer and got them developed. There were some embarrassing photos from when I was 13,  some from Dylan's trip to Greece when he was 17, and most excitingly, a roll taken with my 3D camera from Europe in 2007. My grandfather gave me his Nimslo camera - a 3D camera from the 1970s that takes 4 frame photos which can then be printed as lenticular photos (3D photographs that you don't need special glasses to see).

We plan to send the film to the one place that still prints them, which is in Canada, but for now I turned a few of them into GIFs! Also, I learned how to make GIFs!

Me in Florence (2007)

Dylan in Budapest on the balcony of our apartment (2007)

Me in the Swiss Alps (2007)