The Old Country Store and Museum

Last weekend, Dylan and I took the bus up to Maine to spend a few days with my family, and then rented a Uhaul, drove to Dylan's cousin Ann's home in New Hampshire, and loaded that Uhaul up with some amazing auction finds. This was our first time at an auction, but it definitely won't be our last. We got an antique desk for $25, and old (working!) phonograph for $25, and the handsomest antique dresser for $35. While there we made a stop in Moultonborough, NH, for some of the incredible aged Vermont chedder cheese sold at the Old Country Store. This perfect cheese comes to the store in 38 pound wheels, and is kept in an antique display case right above two old barrels of pickles. The Old Country store also has a fantastic penny candy selection, and if you've got a dime on you, an old musical automaton machine (complete with little dancing ballerinas) is pretty delightful.

But perhaps the best reason to make a visit to the Old Country Store is the dusty old museum on the second floor. The official website calls the store, "Perhaps the oldest in the United States, a store since 1781," and over the years this little shop has collected a roomful of local memorabilia.

Again from the website, "It has been the scene of town meetings in the early 1800's, and again in the 1900's; the library; post office for over 100 years; and a stage stop. The Masons Morningstar Lodge held their first meeting here November 20, 1804. In reading the posting of the town warrant in 1824, it was called the most public place in town."

Unassuming museum sign

Remnant from when the post office was in the building (and before the spelling of the town changed, apparently)

Office furniture, store display cases, farm equipment; as long as it's antique and local, there's nothing that doesn't belong in this charming little museum

Quoddy Moccasins - still in business, still hand-sewn in Maine!

A view of the Old Country Store history board