This summer I created motion graphics and titling for Pelotero, a documentary on young Dominicans fighting for the chance to be signed to play baseball in the big leagues (narrated by John Leguizamo!). The film just had its world premier at the Hamptons International Film Festival this past weekend (sadly I had to miss it on account of a migraine). I'm so excited for the filmmakers - they made a truly compelling and beautiful film, exposing corruption surrounding the Dominican draft, and the immense pressure of these 16-year old hopefuls to escape the poverty and give their families a better life. It doesn't hurt that the cinematography beautifully captures the landscape, making the Dominican Republic a character in its own right. If you're interested in news and further screenings, become a fan of the Pelotero Facebook page.

Here's a screenshot from one of the motion graphics sequences I created for a section explaining the immense difference between the signing bonuses of Americans versus those of Dominicans.