Pickling Some Stuff

Last night I decided that our refrigerator could no longer contain the burden of two boxes of eggs and a small bag of green beans. So naturally I stuck them in some jars with vinegar! I have yet to try them (both the beans and the eggs take 3 days till well-brined), but I've made more than my share of refrigerator pickles, and I'm pretty confident that it's hard to mess up. I've actually never had a pickled egg, which is a wrong that needs to be righted post-haste. Here you can see the items required for spicy pickled green beans: garlic, celery salt, red peppers, a sprig of rosemary because I forgot to buy dill, and most importantly, a can of beer for the pickler.

The beet pickled egg recipe came from Southernoise Gluttony and the spicy pickled green bean recipe came from Three Points Kitchen. I pretty much made these so that I could take a picture of the pretty colors.