Camping Out West

Last month I finally realized a long-cherished dream - I went to the American West. I've always wanted to experience those dramatic, majestic, and unequivocally American landscapes of Western states like Utah, Montana, and Colorado. After 10 days of hiking and back-country camping in National Parks, 13 hour marathon road-tripping stretches, ghost towns, merchantile general stores, and more wildlife than I've ever seen in such a short time, I've come away with one overwhelming feeling; I need to go back.

Idaho lake

Glacier-fed lake in Montana

Road to the Sun in Montana

A real, live, wild mountain goat in Glacier National Park

Camping is all about the fire.

Trail-head of Quartz Lake in Glacier National Park

Wild mule deer crossing a river.

Idaho windmills at sunrise.

This is how we made coffee.

You can't leave Utah without a visit to the Hole N" The Rock!

No pictures allowed inside the Hole (a home carved out of the side of a huge rock, now a museum) but I had to sneak one of this lovingly, if not very amateurishly taxidermied donkey, done by the home-owner (rock-owner?) in the 50s.

The Delicate Arch in Arches National Park!

A lizard in the Utah desert.

A different kind of hole in a rock, in Arches National Park.

Utah sunset

Black Canyon viewpoint in Colorado

Someday I'll return to Colorado and make a visit to Tincup Pass, just because I like the sound of it.

The St. Elmo ghost town's former post office.