East River Ferry

Dylan and I have been bursting with excitement these last few months as we awaited the grand opening of our very own ferry. The brand new East River Ferry service will stop in Long Island City, Midtown, Williamsburg, Dumbo, South Street Seaport, and little old Greenpoint. The shiny new Greenpoint pier is literally 2 blocks from our apartment building, so, like I said, our very own ferry. It opened yesterday, and for the first two weeks our very own ferry is free, because sometimes NYC is awesome. This morning we decided to take a boat trip and see if the ferry lived up to our exceedingly high expectations. The ferries themselves are super nice and accommodate bikes. The Brooklyn Roasting Company will have coffee for sale, and when we hopped on at Greenpoint, we were greeted with two free iced coffees, whoohoo! The views of Brooklyn and Manhattan are amazing - it's a whole different way to see the city. From the river it all feels so much smaller and you realize just how close together everything really is. And after countless hours sitting by the East River at the ends of Greenpoint's streets, it was really cool to see our beloved neighborhood from a whole new vantage point. Plus the ferry takes you under all three bridges, the Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

We had lunch in Dumbo, whose waterfront has had the most incredible transition over the past few years - it is all green and park-y with waterfront views and lots of places to get ice cream. By the time we pulled back into Greenpoint, we were both exclaiming how wonderful New York is. Because sometimes...it is.

East River Ferry coming in for a landing

Dumbo Pier

Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges

Under the Williamsburg bridge

Domino Sugar factory sign

One of Greenpoint's watertowers from the river

Huxley - Envelope sign in Greenpoint at the end of Heron