When my sister visited a few weeks ago, I used it as an excuse to make tiny potpies, something I've been planning to do since I got ramekins for Christmas. I used a recipe via Babooblah, although it's only fair to disclose that we lazily opted for a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. And I also further elaborated on the recipe by adding a TON of fresh thyme. Because I had it. And I can never seem to get through a bushel of herbs before it goes bad. We prettied them up using my the little 50s Christmas cookie cutters that used to belong to my grandmother. I nabbed them from my mom's house when I saw they had been re-employed as play dough cutters for my 2 year old niece. It just wasn't right.

(The one on the lower left is supposed to be a turkey. I made the star really thick because there was quite a ball of extra dough. No wasting in this house.)