A Day at the Met

I've been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art at least 10 times, and yet every time I go, I manage to find myself in rooms and dark corners I've never seen before. Sure, the first class collections make this museum important, but it's the labyrinthian setup and the promise of surprise that keep me coming back again and again.

image Sea nymphs holding up the Golden Harpsichord of Michele Todini (1616–1690)

image Flags and Chandeliers in the Equestrian Court

image “The Vine” (1921), by Harriet Whitney Frismuth

image "Bacchante and Infant Faun" (1894) by Frederick William MacMonnies

image Statues stored away in the visual archives, a section I had never seen before and was completely enchanted with. Theme and variation!


Tiny, well-loved toy horse in the visual archives


Egyptian scarabs, pleasingly arranged.


Central Park West, as seen from the Temple of Dendur gallery.


My sister (visiting from Maine), absorbed in the visual archives.


Carved skeleton table in Southeast Asian art section.