Abandonded Batteries in Phippsburg, Maine

Most southern Mainers know about Fort Popham, a never-finished fort built for the Civil War, which saw some minor action, yet was abandoned in 1869. But my sister Erin introduced me to the much more intriguing Fort Baldwin and abandoned batteries across the river on Sabino Hill. Away from the tourist hubbub, the assortment of crumbing structures waiting to be discovered down a beautiful path in the woods is one of the best Maine secrets I've ever come across. These were built long after Popham was abandoned, around the early 1900s for WW1.

Please forgive these awful pictures - I just got a new phone and was trying out the "retro camera"...I didn't realize how blown out these would be, or that these goofy frames would be on the final photos. I found a much better camera setting - I promise I'll never use this one again.

Fort Popham

Fort Popham

shot_1287594181784 The wooded path leading to Fort Baldwin

shot_1287594378240 Fort Baldwin - full of dark, damp rooms and passageways to explore. One room had a beautiful brick fireplace, but was too dark to photograph.

shot_1287594964232 The fort and batteries were built against a hill, with stairs to climb up to the roof and the places where cannons were kept.

shot_1287595683263 Sister Erin and family dog Benny

shot_1287595671176 The inside rooms were dark, eerie, beautiful, and not filled with trash and homeless people the way they would be if they were in New York.

shot_1287595085936 Battery Hardman, so pretty with its green pasture of a roof.

shot_1287595841790 Observation tower built for WW2. Erin says it used to be open so people could climb to the top, but it was tightly sealed when we were there.

shot_1287597142013 Obligatory Maine beauty shot.