Hollow Bones Photos

Dylan and I had a wonderful time putting together our bird themed show, Hollow Bones, at the Widow's Watch in Kill Devil Hill last month. It was sad to take it down, and sadder still to have our unwieldy white peacock now blocking our entire hallway. We'll get it back up on the wall eventually, but for now it's easier to continuously run into it in the dark on the way to the bathroom at night. Anyway, here are some images from the show!


Dylan did this silhouette of a woman in a bird costume. Isn't it wonderful?


The bird we found on the street 3 years ago has finally graduated from our freezer to a jar. It is also very illegal for us to have it, so SHHHHH.

(I dropped the glass ball of quail eggs and spanish moss when I got home - shattered glass and shells everywhere. It was sad.)


Birds! I frantically finished up the tiny bird drawings in the paint pigment drawer the night before we put up the show.


Photo wall


Dylan's paintings on the back wall


Eggs! Ostrich and quail encased in glass.


His name is Hooty.


Pigeon feathers collected in Greenpoint! It's art! Also a turkey skull mounted on an antique brass dollhouse candlestick (at least that's what the antique vendor said it was...)