Garden of Eve Farm

This Sunday Dylan and I headed out to Long Island in a van packed full of North Brooklynites. It was the annual farm tour for our CSA. It was a perfectly overcast day - moodily ominous, but the rain didn't break until we were already on our way home. The Garden of Eve Farm does it all - certified organic fruits, vegetables, eggs and flowers, plus goats, sheep, bunnies and turkeys. These are mostly pets, cute creatures to get children (and us) excited about farming when visiting. After Chris and Eve showed us around the crops (and their 7 year old son showed us how to torture chickens), and we had inhaled some hotdogs and roasted corn, we all bussed over to their private beach. This farm share has really been the best investment we've ever made.


Dylan playing tug of war over and ear of corn with a determined sheep


Tomatoes and cloudy skies


Aren't these idyllic?




Eggs of all colors. All of the chickens are the same breed, the color and size simply vary from lady to lady.


I think we ate about 985 handfuls of blackberries.


A rocky beach on an overcast day always reminds me of Victorian sea bathing. All that's missing is the changing tents and parasols. This beach even had a herd of swans passing by (a group of swans really are called a herd - did you know a group of mice is a mischeif? I learned that from bar trivia.)


Yes, I am the American Andy Goldsworthy.