Earlier this summer I went with some friends of mine to Cold Springs, New York. It's a little over an hour outside of the city, and exudes a small town charm which attracts many a New Yorker seeking a break from the city life. I had a hard time telling if any one of the many people strolling about actually lived there...or if anyone at all actually lived there. DSC_0148

But some folks must - those antique stores, door after door after door of them, don't run themselves. We hit just about every one, and right as I was ready to give up - every store was a bit overpriced and well picked through - I saw him. I discovered him in a shop with no price tags, so I carried him up to the counter with a price in mind. I was informed that he was very special, and that his name was Crackers. For what I think was a bargain of $35, Crackers is now continuing to be very special in our kitchen.

Crackers in the Kitchen

I love him so, he is the perfect amount of scruffy and old. I'm so glad I'm getting the chance to give him a second life. He is actually going to be featured in a gallery show of my work, opening Friday the 13th in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. More details as they are available!