Antique Loot from Maine, No. 3

Aka: Where are we going to put all of this stuff? This last trip to Maine was especially bountiful in the realm of antique acquisition. We had a long talk on our way home via a very crowded greyhound bus about how we are going to cull our collection...there simply isn't room in our little apartment for another thing. And yet we continue to push it ever closer to bursting. We're considering opening an etsy store - but I'm not sure I could actually give anything up.


Two brass and wood rulers, I think these are the prettiest rulers I've ever seen. Why aren't utilitarian objects made like this anymore?

My mom actually found this little fox plate (ashtray?) for me - she sure can pick em! I love the delicate design and the creepy fox face.

A huge lot from a doctor's kit; most of the objects date to around the 1930s - I tried to buy this lot two Christmas'es ago for Dylan, but the price tag was too high for me. This time I went in and suggested that since it has been sitting in the shop for nearly 2 years, perhaps we could consider halving the price. Next thing I knew, I was wondering where on earth I was going to put all this stuff!

I really love the vials of PH testing papers and the little vial of unused labels!

There's still pills in most of these!!


Dylan lugged this huge bottle tothe bus station, on the bus, through Port Authority, and on 2 subways home. It's amazing that the rusted handle didn't give out. Now we just have to decide what to do with it!

This is my absolute favorite - I think this metal clipboard once held postcards, and was part of a display one would flip through, like poster displays.

I just love anything that is numbered. It suggests a story - where is 1-146? They must be out there somewhere.