The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls

Allow me to present 1963's "The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls, Volume 7: Nature and Science." I am so smitten with these simple black line illustrations and their bright color accents. So bold! My favorite is the snake biting its tail in preparation, according to the text, to roll away when danger approaches and the caption, "This is something that snakes never really do" - too bad, because that would be awesome. Imagine a snake barreling towards you like a hoola hoop! And of course, the narwhal...if there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I really REALLY love narwhals.

Actually, I also love the scientist "preparing questions for the brain machine." I love how he looks kind of harried and tired, like he's been up all night trying to stump the brain machine without success. Damn you, brain machine! Damn Yooooouuuu!

The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls

"Preparing questions for the brain machine"

Resevoir Diagram

How We Can Fly




"This is something snakes never really do"

Airplane Aerodynamics

How a Home Works