I love Brooklyn, but there are definitely some downsides. One of those is the size of your average apartment. Ours is tiny and lately this has caused me to grumble on account of plants. Not enough! Never enough! I want to fill every nook with plants - but alas, every nook is already full of something else. I plan to start hanging them from the ceiling, all crowded around the one window we have that gets decent sunlight (the rest face the building across from us - oh, hi neighbors!) I love this planter I found on etsy. Her name is Big Marie, and you can have one too! Plants on the Brain has a much wider variety of heads than when I purchased Big Marie, and some wonderfully creepy versions at that - I might have to look into getting her a friend.

Big Marie


Maidenhair Fern - if you look closely, some of the leaves have spores on them

Succulent in a fishbowl with moss I collected while camping in the catskills