A long-time fan of Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie, I've always loved pouring through ephemeral relics of the aesthetic projection of an individual. When choosing an image and design to define who they are on paper, it seems many folks in the past sided with a whimsy I sometimes feel we lack today - there's nothing wrong with coming off as a bit silly if you do it with style. I've just opened up a whole new can of personal design after stumbling on the great site, Letterheady. What a good name. You can probably guess where this is going - letterheads! Letterheads upon letterheads! I've collected a "few" of my favorites from the site.

Tropical Advertising Service

Nash Motors

Harry Houdini

The Seattle Brewing and Malting Company

Chicago Engraving Company

Ethyl Color and Chemical Company

Amtrak First Class

Barnum's American Museum

Floyd & Company

Gene Autry (aka The Singing Cowboy)

This one has the best story (and with Barnum's American Museum in the mix it had some stiff competition!): "At his home in 1950, train enthusiast Walt Disney built the Carolwood Pacific Railroad, an 1/8th scale backyard railroad complete with working ‘live steam’ locomotive. Such was his dedication to the project that the miniature railroad company even had letterhead, seen here. The railroad also inspired the design of Disneyland which opened five years later." (from Letterheady)

Carolwood Pacific Railroad Company