Wicked Plants at Observatory

On Friday, June 4, I'm hosting a talk by Amy Stewart, author of Wicked Plants at Observatory. Observatory is the gallery/event space in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn that I co-founded a little over a year ago with 6 other artists and writers (including Dylan). We host lectures, screenings, readings and illustrated discussions on a broad range of topics, each member hosting events that appeal to their interests, though most of our events do have a common theme - the place where art and science meet.

 Copper etching by Briony Morrow-Cribbs for the book Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart

Wicked Plants is definitely that. Besides an illustrated lecture from Amy, we will also have a slide show of botanical drawings from the book. After exchanging a few emails with the artist to organize the slideshow, I was shocked to suddenly realize that I knew her! Briony Morrow-Cribbs and I went to Bennington College together for a year or so. I haven't seen her in many many years, but what a surprise to have found her completely by coincidence, and to see what incredible work she's been doing since then.

If you're in the Brooklyn area, consider making it out to Observatory to hear about deadly plants and some fun plant history. More info here.