Curio Box Sneak Peak

I'm extremely excited about an installation I'll be doing this week at Coney Island with Dylan. I want to keep it a surprise until it's up, but here is a sneak peak of one very small element. This is a little Natural History Curio Box. I picked up the box, which is actually a drawer from a once (probably very beautiful) cabinet for paint pigments. My drawer held Light Navy Blue to Sailor Blue and all the blues in between. I got it at the 25th street flea market last weekend. I had never been there, and I loved it. I'm used to searching out treasures in the junk shops and flea markets of Maine when I visit home, and generally speaking any flea market in NYC is way overpriced and overcrowded. And while this was true for the 25th street flea, there were some beautifully curated little booths full of well-priced gems. I wish I could show you the bright blue and pink plastic combs with fancy naked ladies on them that I got my (twin) sisters, but alas, they were immediately overnighted to said sisters in order to make it in time for their birthday, today! Happy birthday little sisters!

Stay tuned for more on the exciting Coney Island Installation project!

Curio Box 2

Curio Box 1